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>FREE< Freckle Juice download ebook
>FREE< Freckle Juice download ebook

Judy Blume,Sonia O Lisker,: Freckle Juice

Freckle Juice


Nicky has freckles -- they cover his face, his ears, and the whole back of his neck. Once, sitting behind him in class, Andrew counted eighty-six of them, and that was just a start! If Andrew had freckles like Nicky, his mother would never know if his neck was dirty. One day after school, Andrew works up enough courage to ask Nicky where he got his freckles. And, as luck would have it, who should overhear him but giggling, teasing Sharon. She offers Andrew her secret freckle juice recipe -- for fifty cents. That's a lot of money, but Andrew is desperate. At home he carefully mixes the strange combination of ingredients. Then the unexpected happens...

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Author: Judy Blume,Sonia O Lisker,
Number of Pages: 48 pages
Published Date: 01 Aug 1986
Publisher: Random House USA Inc
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780440428138
Download Link: Click Here


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